Yuji Naka confesses his crimes and faces justice

Yuji Naka He is a more than controversial figure within the video game industry. If you thought Sonic was weighing down the years, his creator has gone through all kinds of twists. He left SEGA, went to Square Enix and there he released one of his most disowned games. Of course, all that pales when we talk about their trouble with the lawto whom we now know that he has confessed.

Because yes, Balan Wonderworld is quite a hated title, but it’s not illegal. After sticking with this title, Yuji Naka, his creator, was arrested on charges that had nothing to do with his creative profile, but for making illegal stock trading with which he took out several million yen.

The Japanese creative is accused of insider trading. Apparently, while working at Square Enix, he had access to information about the new project in the Dragon Quest saga for mobile phones, developed by the Aiming studio. After this, he took over around 10,000 shares of the developer to sell them after the announcement, when they would have increased in value. After this, he repeated the same with Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the battle royale for mobile phones from the Japanese company, pocketing nearly $150,000 in the process.

As we have been able to learn thanks to the Japanese chain NHK, Naka has had his trial in the Tokyo district court. When the prosecutor of the prosecution presented the charges, the creator of Sonic did not resist and admitted he was guiltyrather than opting to try to clear his name and fight the evidence.

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We still do not know what the decision of the court that is processing the case will be, but an admission of guilt will not only speed up the procedures, but it may lead to a reduction in the sentence of the creative. Even so, it’s a felony of which he is accused, and the consequences may be more severe than we expect.