Will there be crossplay in Redfall? If you want to create a community without barriers, Arkane answers

Redfall is one of Bethesda’s bets for this first half of the year. Vampire multiplayer may not be moving strongly on RRSS, but Arkane’s team is not one to be left out, and the fact is that the Texans’ past is spectacular enough to be hopeful. Of course, the on-line scores a point when announcing the crossplay between platforms.

Although it is one of the most requested technical additions and protagonists of the new releases, some games prefer to leave it in the list of “future options”. One of those who faced this “no” from their development team was Warhammer 40K: Darktide, something that could erode their player base.

However, the Arkane Austin team has confirmed it. Not only can you play with friends in GamePass regardless of whether you play on console or PC, but there will also be crossplay between Steam and Epic Games Store. This translates into crossplay for everyone and all platforms in one of the most hopeful moves in the game.

The good news is that we are talking about an experience that will force us to always be connected to the network, even if we want to play alone. Redfall scores a bit, yes, and it is that by not being able to play far from the internet and taking into account that it is in Game Pass, it almost forces us to make community.

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Many are now asking that the next step be to remove this impossibility and let us play their campaign offline. At the moment, there is no confirmation, nor rumors, about this movement. There are still 2 months left until the game launches next may 2so it is not impossible, at least for time.