will release a World of Warcraft clone

With the breakdown of the collaboration agreements between Blizzard and NetEase, the Asian giant has been left without all the licenses of the American company. A historic rupture that breaks years of good fortune between the two, but now ends with a World of Warcraft: that’s right. tarislandhe MMO clone with Chinese development.

It seems out of nowhere, and it is. This development, led by Tencent, seeks take the place that WoW has left in China and, although they are very big shoes that it must fill, there are already first details of this launch. A premiere that, first of all, will be produced in style, with a PC version and mobile devices both in China and around the world.

A format very similar to what is already being done with Genshin Impact, but limiting it to the field of MMOs. In this case, there isn’t much of a difference in concepts either, since, like World of Warcraft, the setting is the archetypal MMORPG of western fantasy.

How could it be otherwise, we have dungeons and raids of up to 10 players, PvP battles, lots of PvE content and, perhaps what will surprise many, the in-game store will be limited so that it does not fall into the pay to win. “All these exciting features will be available in the next game test of Tarisland”, collect the 3DJuegos companions from the game’s official website.

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At the moment, yes, we do not know when it will arrive or if it will even have betas throughout the globe. As we have commented, filling the gap that WoW has left in China is impossible, almost as much as in any country in the world. Although there are many games like Final Fantasy XIV Online or Lost Ark, Blizzard’s enduring classic is unique.

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