Why Escape from Tarkov fans are so pissed off and how its hacker plague is different from other games

A Escape From Tarkov is difficult to access. The purest concept of its game model is one alien to the casual user. He shooter It is hard and complex to master, and the situation within it does not help us to try our luck. The most veteran community knows that what they have in hand is a chaotic project, not because it has been in beta for 6 years, that is the least of it; but because the shooter He is in a very dangerous situation. hackersa flimsy construction and Many complaints they seem like everyday bread in Escape From Tarkov.

Although the game has been on everyone’s lips this week after the banning of thousands of hackersand the consequent exposure of the same before the gaze of the most curious, seems nothing more than to be a chimera; a showcase so that the most oblivious think that things are going well, although it is not. The situation is as follows: Escape From Tarkov is walking on quicksand and the community most attached to it is aware of it.

There is a culture of hack widespread

The good players of Escape From Tarkov have assumed that among the entire community of the game (which is not small), there is an important group of hackers. We go further, it could be said that the bad users have united and it can be considered that there is a community of hackers within the general community; something like a matryoshka of bad behaviors. The reason? It seems that, no matter how hard you try, the core either core of EFT seems corrupt.

As much as several thousand bad players have left the game out of the window in the wake of Battlestate Games’ kick-in, they are but a tiny part of the problem. On February 26, 2023, and after a investigation of the youtuber g0at, it was concluded that at least 60% of multiplayer games have cheaters, regardless of the number of cheaters.

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Although it is not as simple as asking one by one and trusting that they tell you the truth, the youtuber approached, struck up a “conversation” by way of gestures with them. This he named “The Wiggle” or wiggle, almost like a communication between players and that does not depend on any word. Something so close to the culture of the gaming is he “tea bagging“. Inherited year after year from those first Halo and that now can mean the greatest of eccentricities against the opponent, or a way to start a “relationship” with a partner. Thus, the user moved or waddled when he knew that the user in front of me was a hacker in order to communicate with him.

The reason? The hackers from Escape from Tarkov they don’t use cheats complicated. There is no “culture cheater“that is based on god mode, characters flying or with eternal items. They hardly make use of wallhacks either aimlock. Therefore, when he saw that the hacker in question replicated the same movements, such as the “tea bag” commented before, meant one thing: they were both doing the same thing.

Tarkov is designed that way

Even so, the thing does not end here. When we have mentioned the core of Escape From Tarkov before, we have not done it reluctantly, and it is that the problem seems to lie within it. As commented on Reddit, the game makes use of json files in its construction, an easily “hackable” format. We are talking about a simple text format for data exchange. The game uses these files to track players, and the server then sends the information to other users within the area; all within the law. Corrupting it is as “easy” as looking for an opening in that information delivery and make believe server that the movements what are you doing legitimatealthough they are far from it.

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Far from using Json files, the concern boils down to a simple phrase: don’t give the server information it doesn’t need. Tracking players is not imperative for the proper functioning of the games, and to detect the illegitimate use of software we have anti-cheats. Sending highly accurate and relevant data via Json files is a ineffective method. Even so, this can be counteracted. It’s not impossible, although it takes effort, but the team isn’t working on fixing it.

Battlestate Games raises questions outside and inside the game

On the other hand, the situation within the community is one of mistrust, considerably doubting the reliability of the study itself. Users point out that when these occur bans massive, sales of the game rise in a short time. That is, apparently, the same hackers banned they buy back the game and they go back to their old ways, or maybe not and they reform, but that already implies a profit for Battlestate Games. We do not want to reduce everything to a kind of conspiracy between hackers and the dev teambut if the community doubts it, the problem is serious.

They earned the raised eyebrows of more than one player by assuming that there were no women because “they cannot control stress”

This is but one of the problems that Russian developers have faced in and out of the game. They earned the raised eyebrows of more than one player by assuming that there were no women because, I quote, “they cannot control stress.” Likewise, in 2018 they faced a controversy by “firing” the user service on YouTube with 47 copyright claims against videos from content creators that, according to the Russians, were nothing more than “disinformation”; although many were no more than critics of the game.

That there is an important group that insults the game is something that does not surprise anyone, the community is not homogeneous. Of course, when that “important group” is made up of the community most attached to the game, you have to worry. Finally, the situation concludes with a very basic complaint: there is no way to show discomfort. When running outside of Steam or any launcherthere is no reviews; nor a “direct conversation” between devs and community. This implies that the newbie must go to the forums or Reddit and find himself, in many cases, vilified by the most inalienable within the community.