What will we see in the second season of The Last of Us? We took Part 2 for granted, but we were wrong

The Last of Us is over, at least for its time on television. The HBO adaptation knows that people are more eager for the duet of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey and, to make the path more “bearable”, Naughty Dog already has a sequel to build on. However, and although it was said that yes, the series would take us to the events of this game, Neil Druckman has other intentions with the second season.

We knew that The Last of Us is going to take advantage of the narrative magnificence that is the exclusive sequel to Sony for quite some time, almost when the series started to take off, but we weren’t sure how they were going to adapt it. Druckmann, creator of the video game and showrunner of the series, has made it clear that “not in any way” to condense it all into one season.

Many were betting on a literal adaptation, but taking into account the time jumps and complexity, betting on it was going to be complex. Although it was Neil himself who anticipated that The Last of Us Part 2 of the game would arrive in the second season, he now clarifies that they are going to need “more than one season” to make it come true.

Of course, and taking advantage of the fact that Druckmann was in a perfect place after this statement, the GQ portal took the opportunity to bring to light how many seasons we are talking about to address the entire sequel, to which there was no response. What we do know is that as long as HBO wants to, especially after all the trouble they’ve been running into following the Warner Bros./Discovery partnership, we’ll have Season 3 of the series.

The Last of Us reveals its requirements on PC: a demanding port that will leave more than one puzzled

A series that yesterday, at the same time as the Oscars Ceremony, gave its season finale. Although in that episode, extremely important in the game and in the series for the future of the adaptation, there are hints of the sequel, at the moment we do not know when this second season would arrive. Even so, we were satisfied knowing that in just 2 weeks, the remake of the first game will come to PC.