what to do about errors and long queues

Diablo 4 has started its “open” beta today, in many quotes. Although free access begins next week, there is early access for those who pre-ordered the RPG from Blizzard Entertainment. While some of us have to wait a week, the first players are starting to fill up the servers and sadly, the problems are manya lot of.

Access began less than 1 hour ago, at 6:00 p.m. on March 17. We are talking about one of the most popular betas of this year and, especially, of the first quarter of 2023, so expectations for Blizzard and its management of the situation were high. Users have encountered queues longer than 60 minutesso that still many will not have entered.

We knew from experience that the game was going to face a number of problems, but we trusted the Americans. Even so, the traffic are high that some other poor players have run into nothing less than 120 minute wait ahead of them to play an access that they have already paid for.

In this case, Blizzard may look to increase server volumes for each region during the beta testing phase. This would be a huge waste of resources and time, but it would pave the way for the real test: open access starting next weekend.

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Of course, what is scaring the most, even above Lilith is the Bug 316719, the true antagonist of this beta. This error code does not have a reason, we do not know what it obeys, but we do know what does it affect and when can we get out.

Image of Diablo IV (Blizzard Entertainment)

Seems to happen more often after leveling up. Some users have shared that upon reaching level 2 and level 3, they have been kicked out to menu with this fateful error, forced to queue again.

For now, there are 2 solutions either patches temporary for this:

  • Disable your VPN software in case you have it. You are probably making the game and its servers dizzy, so it should work.
  • reboot the router and the computer. Several users state that they have managed not to see this error after doing so, although they have had to suffer another new wait.

However, and Diablo 3 veterans will be with us on this, the chaos has been repeated. At the moment, we cannot affirm that the chaos of this fourth game reaches that Error 37 that those players know well and that implied an oversaturation of the servers. We will keep abreast of any developments in this regard and will update the post if we see it necessary.