What if The Last of Us series was a game? With the power of AI it’s possible, and it looks as bad as you imagine

The Last of Us has eaten the themes trending from the beginning of this 2023. The HBO series based on Naughty Dog’s magnum opus has devastated everything and everyone in a television experiment that very few could foresee its failure. Of course, among the thousand and one themes that have been created outside of adaptation, today we are talking about the “adaptation” of The Last of Us to game. Yes, just as it sounds.

We have not been wrong. Nor is the flu that ravages our territory wreaking havoc on us, at least not more than expected. The team of digital corridorthose who have recently come to the fore before an anime created with artificial intelligencehave used the same AI to turn the television phenomenon into a video game, or something similar.

Although they know the absurdity of this jump, in fact they flirt with it at the beginning of the video, they have invested resources in giving the Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey series a curious style. What those from Corridor Digital have done is nothing but use artificial intelligence to give the images a less realistic filterwith some less marked details and, in general, a look almost cartoon.

They even joke that we are facing a version of Xbox 36o of the HBO production. Always with the humor of the situation, and after having been the subject of debate after that animation made by artificial intelligence, the brief work of barely 42 seconds of the series is nothing but a game for his audience.

Obviously, not the entire network is taking this as the joking which it is (or we don’t get the subtlety of the sarcasm), especially if we take into account the attacks on Corridor Digital. Although that experiment of an anime made with AI raised blisters, this is nothing but a joke, one that looks royally badWhy are we fooling ourselves?

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Be that as it may, and for those who do not know, The Last of Us is a video game, one that will arrive on PC shortly. And it is that while the first season of the series will say goodbye this Sunday, the remake of the video game will be released on this platform next 28th MarchSo yes, this March is still “The Last of Us month.”