what carries over to the final version of the game and what doesn’t

The Diablo IV Beta has officially kicked off, which means you’re going to have the chance to delve into the world of Sanctuary all weekend long. Of course, this is an occasion to discover the new game from Blizzard Entertainment and enjoy the hellish terrors that Californians have created in recent years, but remember that there are some exclusive beta rewards that you can take to the final game.

First of all, let’s resolve the question that will surely be repeated among our readers: will Blizzard transfer the progress and characters from Diablo 4 beta to final game? Well, very sorry, no. The heroes you create will be completely wiped along with the stuff you’ve unlocked for them once the testing phase ends, so when D4 releases on June 6, we’ll all start at the same starting point.

Having said this, and as I was anticipating above, there are some specific gifts that are associated with the account and will be waiting for you in the final version, if you get them on time. We are talking specifically about these three:

  • Title “initial low”
  • Heading “early scan”
  • “Beta Wolf Pack” cosmetic

The first one is obtained when you get to kyovashad, which is a safe city that you naturally visit during the first chapter of the campaign on your adventure through the Broken Heights. Basically, you just have to follow the interface waypoint and the main story objectives to get there and prove that you were one of the first to play Diablo IV. The other two are achieved when you reach level 20 with a character, which as you can imagine, is a natural process.

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If you want advice from someone who has played a pre-alpha version for the press, I recommend that you don’t just stick to the main events of the campaign to progress; take advantage of a bit to explore and do optional dungeons or world events, because they congregate many monsters and bring additional XP per completion.

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