Want 1,000 hours of free gameplay? Get hold of this MMO in a promotion that will only last a few days

The competitive world of MMOs has brought enormous joy, but also some complications. Important exponents have fallen in number of players, while the most classic cling to their community. Among them, Black Desert has known standing out with free trials, almost a thousand hours of content and, for a short time, free forever.

The MMO from Pearl Abyss, the South Korean studio, celebrates its 3rd birthday in 2023, so apart from the entire month of events and content they are preparing, the game is free at the click of a button. Thus, Black Desert Online will be at the 100% discount until next tuesday March 9 at 7:00 p.m. on Steam.

To get hold of the game is as simple as going to its official page in the Valve launcher and clicking on “Add to Account”. Once this is done, the MMO will be automatically linked to your Steam profile and that’s it. no one will take it from you of the hands. Of course, in case you lose the opportunity, the game is usually around 10 euros in price, and on occasions it has been a simple coin.

But, What is Black Desert Online? We are talking about a phenomenon in South Korea and half the world with more than 20 million registered players. To give you an idea, the game, despite having 3 years of life, enjoys almost 20,000 active players in these last hours.

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We are talking about an MMORPG in a medieval fantasy world with both single and multiplayer content that you will need weeks to fully complete. In fact, if we go to How Long to Beat, it is specified that the game exceeds 500 hours of content, although TrueAchievements bets on 750 hours.

Be that as it may, have a portent like the one in Black Desert completely free is an offer that we should not miss. In addition, as we have anticipated, if you do not see that this March is a good time, if you claim it, you will have it forever in your power.