This RPG was hacked within seconds, but his parents took it in stride and hung a poster of it in his office

The year was 2018, and although it seems like an eternity, it was when Kingdom Come: Deliverance was released. The game from the Warhorse Studios team wanted to set a precedent within open-world RPGs of independent development, and although the quality has been discussed, the truth is that it put them on the radar. Even so, and like many other games, it was hacked and posted on the web, something that they laughed at and even helped them to decorate the office.

While we are still waiting for the next move from the Czech studio after that Kingdom Come: Deliverance, this news has made us very funny. With his departure in 2018, the role published by Deep Silver dispensed with Denuvo and “paid dearly” with his hacking for the well-known CODEX groupalthough they are already out of the picture.

In the cracks of this group we could see a distinctive message with a black background that advanced some detail to take into account, the weight of the game and the date of the crack, something that crowns the Warhorse offices along with the RPG awards. That’s right, as they comment on Reddit, the Czechs decided to throw humor and frame the hacking of their first and, to date, the only game to always remember its launch.

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We could consider that, given that it crowns a room with international prizes and distinctions, hanging a huge poster would indicate some cachet around hacking the game. However, considering that it was released without DRM, it was not a hard nut to crack, so it was “easy” to take it to the forums and P2P websites.

It’s a nice move from a studio that got into thousand and one controversies before and after the launch of the game. The team was accused of racism and its main developer, Daniel Vávra, starred in a series of dangerous comments on social networks that distanced him from Gamelab 2018.

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