This MMO invoices 1.4 million a day and wants to reach Spain, but there is a problem: we are not so lax

The world of MMOs is pure and hard competition, especially those that are free. We all know the ones that dominate the charts, and for that reason it is surprising to see when projects like Night Crowsa Korean MMO from the studio WEMADE, triumphs greatly. And it is that he has done it like few others. He launched just a few weeks ago and invoice 1.4 million of euros up to datebut is not sufficient. They want more.

We are talking about a project that is extremely unknown on these shores. It’s not just that the Korean MMO belongs to a somewhat unknown development team, but Night Crows hasn’t seen a launch to world level, still. The MMO premiered last April in South Korea and has now announced that it will reach half the world, both on PC and mobile, for one simple reason: WEMADE has in its hands a goose that lays golden eggsand you have to keep squeezing it.

And it is that according to the MeinMMO colleagues share, the game invoices no less than 1.4 million euros per day through the App Store and Google Play Store. A real savagery That is not enough for Koreans. In WEMADE’s recent earnings report, the higher-ups planned for a worldwide release because even if you’ve made a fortune, it’s not enough.

Of course, they face a major problem and it is that not all international markets are as lax as the Korean one with the NFTs. The game makes use of very powerful and one-on-one trading between players. This has made the itemization has gained brutal importance, but part of its concept is based on the blockchain.

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Spain, as well as the entire European Union, has put an eye on microtransactions and expenses in game, so a game with a character as strong as this in terms of purchases, could be a problem. Although the mainland has not put any fault to the NFTs or the blockchainYes, it could attract a lot of criticism and tarnish the launch. Let’s remember that Diablo Immortal did not come to Holland because of its economy in game.

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But not everything ends in Night Crows, and it is that 2023 is a great year for MMOs, although there is a lot of classic on the list. World of Warcraft will continue without resting on its laurels after its latest expansion, something that will be replicated by both Lost Ark and New World, which must continue fighting for their current position. These will be joined in the second half of the year by a Throne & Liberty that we have been wanting to taste for years.

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