this is its expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree

Pretty much ever since it came out, there’s one thing every Elden Ring fan has been waiting for: the announcement of his long-awaited DLC. Today, FromSoftware has finally confirmed the existence of the expansion for their latest game. Today, we already know that Shadow of the Erdtree exists, and it will explore one of the most mysterious aspects of this title.

It was practically taken for granted that Elden Ring would have DLC. Not only have every FromSoftware game released by Japanese publisher Bandai Namco seen expansions, but this one had a very obvious starting point for its new content. After having kicked all the Middle Lands, I was left with a great unknown in my mind: What about Michael?

Through the official Elden Ring Twitter account, FromSoftware has confirmed that they are currently working on an expansion for their hit open-world RPG. Call Shadow of the Erdtreethey have not wanted to share more details, although they have taught us his first imageand this already gives space to theorize as we fans of souls love to do.

Several ends remain to be tied up in the incredible world of Miyazaki, and, without a doubt, the biggest of them is miquella, brother of the popular Malenia and son of the goddess Márika. We know where he is at the time the story unfolds, kidnapped by the ferocious Mohg, but his past is a mystery. The image that the team has shown seems to refer to it: a figure with long blond hair like his has captured all our eyes.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know anything else. From has not wanted to give us an estimated release date or anything like that, opting simply to communicate that they are working on expanding their most powerful title to date. We will see Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree before the end of 2023? I personally couldn’t be happier if that were the case.