“This is embarrassingly bad”, the Star Citizen community erupts and further divides after Alpha 3.18

Star Citizen recently released its Alpha 3.18, an update that would be an important step for its Persistent Universe, something that has become a huge chaos. The space sim has had nothing but problems since the arrival of this patch and the problems it has created, as well as the distrust from the Star Citizen community, has plagued social media.

The update, a weighty one that sought to make the simulator game universe much more alive, seems to have broken more than it fixed. Star Citizen was there since last Sunday, March 12, disconnected from online serverssomething that has already raised the eyebrows of more than one.

Error codes and failed attempts to log into the game have been partially fixed as of today, Wednesday March 15, but Cloud Imperium Games anticipates that the server outage “is partial” until it returns to complete normality. This clearly did not go down well with the community because, among so many problems, a series of complaints about the state of the game.

Many argue that the current situation, despite being a alpha, it should be better than a few years ago, something that is not necessarily the case. The Robert Space Industries forum has been filled with shouts to the heavens assuring that this is “embarrassingly bad even by Star Citizen standards”, assuming that something like this should not happen repeatedly.

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Of course, not all are complaints. As PCGamer anticipates, the same person who added that “it’s embarrassingly bad” anticipates that he will not stop playing since he has been in the project since its launch. Others add that the importance from Alpha 3.18 is such that we should put aside the complaints around these problems.

An important divided opinions in the community, and a series of negative comments from that same group dazzled by the project. Be that as it may, today the game seems to be taking its first steps after the update accident. Hopefully minor bugs will continue to occur while all the fuss is ironed out.