This gameplay of Unreal Engine 5 on PC with an RTX 3090 is spectacular, but the Epic Games engine is a resource-hungry beast

Far from being a standard in the video game world, Unreal Engine yes it has been a graphics engine very easily scalable and accessible to many small and independent studios, not forgetting the users and their more measured experiences. Other studios prefer to bet on their own versions of their graphics engines like GTA V with the Rockstar Advanced Game Engineor The Witcher 3 with RED engine.

However, it seems that the situation is changing and it does so in favor of Epic Games. Tim Sweeney’s company has signed certain agreements with CD Projekt itself for The Witcher 4 or with Crystal Dynamics for the future Tomb Raider. These are projects for the future, but we can watch and play under this graphics engine, although it requires a real monster if we want to execute it to the maximum of its capacity.

The interactive experience of Matrix Awakens has finally been released on PC after its exclusivity on PS5 consoles. This allows us to explore the city created by the Epic Games team to promote the latest Matrix movie and user Andrew Lauritzen wanted to bring his PC to the limit. This system has an Intel i9 12900k32 GB of RAM and a powerful RTX 3090all this to make this game work at 40-50fps at an unknown resolution, although we assume it is 1080p.

Matrix Awakens, one step closer to photorealism in video games: will these be the graphics of the future?

Unreal Engine 5 has yet to take off beyond this virtual experience, but the Epic Games team has put all the meat on the grill and the graphic result is outstanding, although it does not seem very accessible, for now. In fact, the youtuber AJ Gaming has done the same test with an identical system but at a 4K resolution and in the moments of greatest stress, on the highway or in the city center, the game descends to 30 images per second.

Although it is true that they are somewhat worrying numbers, especially coming from what seems to be the graphics engine of the futureNote that this test with UE5, Nanite, Lumen, and other Epic Games supporting technologies does not have easy-to-tweak optimization options and is in beta. There are no settings to change and it’s a crude testnamely, no optimization settingsso performance in future games is expected to be even better.