This game has the energy of a thousand and one open world survival games that populate Steam, but better

A very specific class of games abounds on Steam: “survival, crafting, open world, early access.” Does any ring a bell? Probably several. Conan Exiles, Valheim, ARK: Survival Evolved… you get the idea. Enshrouded, which is the new project from the creators of Portal Knights, also fits that profile; but having seen his first trailer (which you have under these lines) I would recommend you follow him closely more than any other: he is going very hard.

An action-fantasy RPG like many others, with no surprises on that front; Enshrouded convinces by betting on a combat system more souls-like than Elder Scrolls, plus what by all accounts appears to be a dungeon with interesting level design; also curious tools with polished animations (like a whip to move Indiana Jones style) and even a building customization super flexible.

the industry needs survival games of quality, a new bar; and everything indicates that this may be a strong candidate to occupy that position. Clearly, the trailer demonstrates that there are some glitches to fix, such as a popping something cheeky; but the overall computation looks so good that it’s hard not to feel excited. And now, the obligatory question: when will we be able to play this? On Steam, this question is half answered.

Enshrouded is scheduled to launch at some point to be specified in 2023, in the format of early access. In the absence of any further information, the best thing you can do to keep track of him is to wishlist him and/or join the game’s Discord server to get a mention when something is announced. Hosting up to 16 players per server, it has the potential to become a new obsession when it becomes available.

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