This futuristic action-RPG is brutal, frenetic, and difficult, and this deal gets you even cheaper than a burger

Since the release of Dark Souls, many have been the titles that have tried to replicate both its formula and its success. Among all of them, Deck13 Interactive has been one of the studies that has come closest to it, and The Surge, its franchise of futuristic soulslikes, is a clear example of this. Today, you can get the first of them at a frankly brutal price thanks to this offer.

Moving away from the dark medieval fantasy that characterizes FromSoftware, The Surge brings a much more futuristic look and feel. Embodying Warren, a company worker BELIEVES that he should use his mechanical exoskeleton to face a mysterious mechanical menace and ruthless.

If this premise catches your attention, today you are in luck. You can get The Surge for just 2.99 euros thanks to a Steam promotion. This edition gives you access to the base game, though if you want all the DLCs of the game, you can get The Surge – Augmented Edition for just 4.99 euros.

On the other hand, if what you want is to fully immerse yourself in the Deck13 franchise, you also have a combo that includes The Surge and The Surge 2 for only 9.99 euros. In total they are between 50 and almost 100 hours of games for 10 euros, a not inconsiderable promotion if you are a fan of the genre but want to distance yourself from the souls saga.

With a 93 on Metacritic and 81,000 positive reviews on Steam, this survival horror is brutal, and today you have it for a cheap price

As usual, you’re going to have to hurry. This promotion will only be available for the next 5 days, ceasing next March 13. If you are looking for tense and difficult action, and a super cool futuristic setting, The Surge pack may be perfect for all your needs.