This free game on Steam is expressly designed “to be an absolute pain” and I’m not sure it can end

There is a relatively recent game on Steam (we are talking about September 2022) whose official description reads like this: “this is not a video game, but a psychological torture device” he warns. “You are not going to have an enjoyable experience, and that is intentional.” Its name is Crypt, and it can be downloaded for free from the Valve platform. With that premise, as soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be a visit Mandatory And it was a discovery, yes.

He, er, software de marras is signed by Valefisk, which is content creator on Youtube before developer. On his channel, he claims that he created the Crypt around a GDC talk about the graphics in A Short Hike; but he designed it specifically with his friends in mind, a kind of interactive joke that went awry. On paper, it’s just another first-person horror game with an alternate art direction; but in practice, it is done badly.

What does that mean? Well, to begin with, the possibility of complete the game It’s a bit up in the air: theoretically, the original version was impossible to finish and later another one (the one on Steam) came along with something like an ending. Similarly, many puzzles flirt with your expectations; so some aren’t even created with any logic or purpose beyond making you dizzy and some objects are hiding in plain sight or “cheating” so to speak.

The game is not designed to be fun, but to make you dizzy in cruel and more or less original ways.

Personally, I would tell you that I half liked the time I spent on it. I think part of a good premise: having in your hands a game made specifically for touching noses can be fun, even more so if you play it with someone next to you; but there are ways and means of doing that, and not all of them work equally well. For example, in Crypt you have a mechanics to sprint which becomes annoying because it consumes resistance from a gauge that is only good for that.

What reason does that indicator have, beyond frustrating you because you can’t run as much as you want? None, because you don’t have anything remotely resembling combat, racing, or the like that would in any way justify the need to restrict your movement; and it is an example of mechanics that does not contribute anything. There are some cases of the style out there, so you can see that it is not that I have taken it only with the sprint. But that doesn’t make it too ugly the experiment, the intentionfrom Crypt.

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