They ask you for a 4090 and this guy runs it on a GTX 1660, he has literally broken the Path Tracing of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has been updated this past week to be a new graphic benchmark of the generation. Although the performance of REDengine, CD Projekt RED’s graphics engine, was never bad, the Overdrive mode update seeks to maximize the RPG of the Poles. And now the community has managed to run it on a GTX 1660 Tisomething that, basic, it is impossible.

Remember that the update that adds the path tracing he Cyberpunk 2077 seeks not only to improve the basic Ray Tracing, but also to offer a very complete visual experience. It is recommended to play it in a RTX 40 or, at least, the RTX 3090Ti, because it uses Tensor Cores abusively. Something that we will now see is not an impediment to anything.

YouTube user RandomGaminginHD has tested running the RPG on a GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, a 2019 graphics card with just 6 GB of VRAM. Basically, the GPU runs the game quite well with graphics on Low, 1080p and without FSR or DLSS at a not inconsiderable 40 FPS. Testing starts when the user increases the quality to High, 720p and with him FSR in Ultra Performancesomething that hardly improves the previous situation with 10FPS.

The key is to set the resolution to 720p. This more than decent screen quality and with everything set to run the game with Path Tracing (ie Ray Tracing and lighting enhancements), the GTX 1660 Ti gets about more than remarkable 35 FPS at the best points. Note that the Ultraperformance mode of the FSR trim the resolution base a 75%although the scale to HD, which is the resolution set in the game, and therein lies the key to everything.

The internal resolution of the game, the one that reduces the FSR to improve performance, is nothing less than 427x240p, a real nut that offers minimal visual quality. Of course, the playable experience of Cyberpunk 2077 is disastrous. The number of images per second continues to drop below 20 FPS in urban areas.

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It’s unthinkable to play like this, but it’s a long shot if we want to enjoy Path Tracing on a GTX. And it is that, the update with the improved Ray Tracing it is not exclusive, but it does require a very powerful system. Hence, colloquially Cyberpunk 2077 is taken as the Crysis of this generation.

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