there is a new free MMORPG this year, and you can already sign up for its beta

There’s a new mmorpg free to play on the way that maybe you should put on the radar. It’s called Tarisland, and it’s scheduled to arrive this year on PC and mobile phones with cross-save between the two platforms. The press release lists features that at this point we take for granted in the genre: PvE and PvP content that is renewed through seasonsnine character classes—each with two specializations and 40 talents, specifically—co-op dungeons, player-driven economy with no items pay-to-win, as well as numerous biomes to visit. Nothing new on the horizon.

With all trailer What you can see under these lines does not look bad, and in fact some enemies have quite interesting designs by the standards we are used to. And knowing that right now the F2Ps that are starting the mass role cod are Lost Ark and Guild Wars 2, it doesn’t hurt to have something in your sights that perhaps fits comfortably on the market. Or not! We will see. After all, it is a Chinese clone of WoW that is signed by Tencent, so the ideal is to see things with optimism cautious.

Tarisland (or Taris Land, depending on how you look at it) is expected to open its doors at some unspecified point in late 2023. As with virtually all releases of these features, we will have a preview beta that will serve as the first shot. contact with the game. “We plan to launch a closed beta in June, and before that, we will do a small-scale technical test” says the official account of the game on Twitter. “Stay tuned for information about the beta.”

Can sign up for the beta, and take a look at the races and classes of the game, through the official website of Tarisland. There are also some other screenshots, which is the closest we have right now to seeing real gameplay. If you’re interested enough to want to follow the development closely and keep up with the news, then maybe you should join the Tarisland Discord.

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