there are new clues that Electronic Arts plans remakes for Dead Space 2 and 3

The Dead Space remake has been crowned as one of the best games so far in 2023. The new version of this horror story and body horror love has been earned from an audience that missed Isaac Clarke, and it seems that, with this in mind, Electronic Arts is already evaluating remake its sequels.

The success of Dead Space 2023 made us all assume that we would see modernized versions of its sequels. We knew that EA Motive wanted to continue working on the franchise, and now Electronic Arts itself leaves us clues of what his next moves may be for her.

As we have been able to see thanks to the captures that a Twitter user, Electronic Arts is sending out new polls related to their intellectual properties. Among the questions that are reaching the players are those of whether are interested in remaking horror games.

Apart from this, one of the things that fans want the most is to put aside the remakes and have a new installment of the game. Given this, Electronic Arts has not yet said anything. we don’t know if Dead Space 4 is in the plans from the developer and publisher, so we will have to wait and see if their plans involve their development in parallel with these new games or not.

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For now, it seems that Dead Space (2023) has the potential to be more than a one-time triumph. EA Motive wants to work more in this saga and revive it, something that horror fans have welcomed with open arms. It will be time to wait and see in which direction the waters of development flow from now on.