The Titanfall Tutorial That Inspired Octane’s Creation Has Sneaked Into Destiny’s Latest Expansion, Among Other Things

To the surprise of many, the new “Bind” superpowers form an integral part of Destiny 2 Lightfall’s story, with nearly half of the campaign revolving around the idea of ​​understanding and mastering this force. So much so, that there is even a repeatable mission designed as a time challenge to practice its use. The name of this objective is Headlong Trial, and it sounds a lot like The Gauntlet: Titanfall 2 prologue that many frequent to hone their technique.

In case you were not up to date with this matter, the Tether (Strands in English) is strongly linked to the mobility of the character thanks to his star ability: a kind of hook —in the line of what was seen in DOOM Eternal or Shadow Warrior 3 among many others— that can be anchored to anything, including the air. So it makes a lot of sense to follow in the footsteps of TF2 and the legendary initial test of it. And it is not the only aspect that Bungie has “borrowed” in the new expansion of him.

The Exotic Pistol Last Warning (Last Warning) has a shooting mechanics Unique to D2, replicating the functionality of Titanfall’s Mk5 Smart Pistol: locks on target when aiming, and then when firing bullets automatically travel to the target, even if the cursor is far away. At this point, it is already difficult to talk about coincidences, especially if we take into account that not the first time something like that happens in the Destiny franchise.

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Do you remember the epilogue of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? The one where you were looking for a VIP on the other end of a plane, yes. Well, it also existed (on a spiritual level) in Destiny 1, as part of a secret ending for a certain mission. It is true that we are not talking about the same IP, but we are talking about works by Infinity Ward (or post-IW) with huge playable value. None of these missions or items we’re talking about are replicated at a 1:1 scale, but it’s still funny how developers learn from each other or save ideas for later.