The terror of Layers of Fear 3 changes its name, and I dare you to take more than a second to learn it

The truth is that, despite the fact that his career as a video game developer began no less than 13 years ago, it wasn’t until Layers of Fear in 2016 that Bloober Team stood out as a studio. Now the Poles are preparing several new projects, and one of them, Layers of Fears, change name even though it hits the market this year.

Layers of Fears, after its announcement last October 2021, has kept a very low profile and has been overshadowed by its cousin, at least from a studio, Silent Hill 2 Remake. However, the project of the Poles as the third installment of the psychological horror franchise continues to cook and now under a “new name“: Layers of Fear.

yes the poles they have only removed the last ‘s’ of the name and, finally, his game will arrive with the same title as that first work. This third part continues to generate many doubts regarding its history, but what we do know is that it will combine, in a more up-to-date and cohesive way, the first 2 layers of Fear, as well as the DLC.

Many might think “why not call it as usual”, and here is the answer. The name change makes it clear that this new Layers of Fear is an expanded version of that 2016 game with about modern standards. And it is that this third part makes use of the most popular graphics engine today for future releases: Unreal Engine 5.

The Silent Hill 2 remake will be completely faithful to the original according to its creators, who want to reassure skeptics

Likewise, and together with the new name of the game comes its launch window: June 2023. At the moment, we do not know what day of the month it will arrive, but it is still a launch window that all horror fans cling to.