The studio that has “railed” horror movies for the last decade gets into making video games

Horror cinema has found in blumhouse a salvation, even if they are trending products. The terror from Jason Blum’s company hardly competes for awards of the seventh art, but it cannot be denied that the umbrella of Blumhouse Productions is exceedingly spectacular as for us illusion his jump to video game.

This new division that has been opened this month, although the idea has been hanging around the heads of executives for some time, comes under the name of Blumhouse Games. Zach Wood, president of this group, has shared that the study will focus on independent horror games, but always under the umbrella of Blumhouse Productions.

According to the VG247 portal, Wood will be joined by Don Sechler as financial director of the new entity. sechler job previously for PlayStation as vice president of business operations, planning and strategy for the Japanese.

But who are Blumhouse? The truth is that you have hardly avoided one of his films in recent years. They have not only signed nominated films to the top prizes such as Get Out, BlacKkKlansman or Whiplash, since 2010 they have capitalized on the most mainstream horror films with releases such as M3GAN, the new Halloween trilogy or The Purge.

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Although there are more than twenty products that contain the Blumhouse Productions seal, we are talking about that, productions in which they share a name with other important studios such as Paramount Pictures either dreamworks. Be that as it may, the quality of his horror movies, transferred to the video game, can produce works that are very curious, for which we are at the wait his Next projects.

Some that, for now, are unknown. Blumhouse Games has not yet detailed any of its future games, but taking into account the licenses it currently manages, many voices point to adaptations either parallel experiences to expand his universe of terror.