The Sims finally have a real competitor, and seeing what it looks like and who’s behind it, EA should be scared.

Just yesterday, a very small event took place with news under the umbrella of the publisher Paradox Interactive. Although we are talking about somewhat more restrained releases, many of them focused mainly on the PC as a platform, the presence of Life By You made us extremely curious. We talk about the first The Sims competitor in years, and it comes from the hands of Rod Humbleformer executive vice president of the EA Play label.

Life By You is not short and wants to fully aim at The Sims with the same concept of life simulator and urban builder as the work of Maxis. However, perhaps the most important thing is the moment in which it arrives, and it is that with The Sims 4 completing its 9-year anniversary in 2023 and with Project René (the so-called The Sims 5) as a long-term project, Life By You could occupy the site of Electronic Arts, and desire is not lacking.

In its first brief trailer that we were able to see yesterday, the Paradox Tectonic team delighted us with the first bars of a project whose seams are still visible, but looks great. Following in the footsteps of The Sims, we will be able to build our house with the typical tool by squares, have relationships with other individuals or have the dream job.

Of course, what we see is only an appetizer, although not even that. The important thing will come next March 20, 2023at an hour to be determined, when Californians really delight us with a streaming in exclusive game focused. In it, not only will the members of Paradox Tectonic (made up of only 10 people) appear, but it will also have the participation of Rod Humble, who is in charge of the game.

Image of Life By You (Paradox Tectonic)

We are talking about an important name, and that is that we owe nothing less to Humble than The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 after more than 30 decades working for EA. Even so, there is something that Californians must pamper: the relationships between characters. The Sims is not just a construction simulator, but a life simulator. A very important and dense one, it must be said.

25 dead and 2 billion dollars was the cost of the fire that caused The Sims

Be that as it may, this Life By You has entered our radar through the front door. This is but one of the games announced yesterday with Cities: Skylines 2 as a huge Paradox release for 2023, but also content for Crusader Kings 3, among others.