The quintessential friendship destroyer of tabletop RPGs is now fully adapted to Steam

Imagine that you are playing a tabletop role-playing game. On your turn, you turn over a card from the deck that reveals your new opponent and it’s your turn to fight 3872 Orcs (it’s called that, yes). You have no level to face that, and you ask your friends at the table for help. One equips a cheat card (correct) and equips a weapon that can’t normally be equipped, but then another gives the monster more life to prevent you from being able to beat it. You have lost, and that gives you “bad vibes” (you read correctly). You roll a D6, and if you roll a 1 or 2, you get your ass kicked and you lose. That is munchkins.

It’s absurd, it’s stupid, but you don’t need to try very hard to understand it and it’s incredibly funny. It has a more pronounced strategic component than it seems, also, if during the game you keep in mind that the alliances and betrayals between players are part of the experience. And now, it’s on Steam under the name Munchkin Digital; although to be fair, the reason I’m talking about it today is that it’s the full version, out of early access.

The complete edition of Munchkin Digital, its managers say, has cross play with the App Store versions of iOS and Google Play versions of Android; and it is even translated into Spanish. That being said, I would recommend that if you have this option, you play with friends around a table with physical cards: even if the game is okay and has tutorials and challenges, the experience of a lifetime is unbeatable.

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Looking at the Munchkin Digital tab on Steam, I find that this version corresponds to the original classic game, and at the time of writing these lines, none of the 11 have yet been published. expansions that are listed online, including special editions. Some of them are really good, so I personally hope they end up making it to the platform eventually.