The original Doom reaches its limit: an artificial intelligence manages to play the classic on a chip – Doom

Everything that surrounds Doom original is as fascinating as it is amazing. Since its launch almost three decadesThe title of idSoftware It has become the most popular video game in order to test its performance on different devices. As part of this maneuver, the gaming community has managed to make the title perform in elements as curious as a LEGO block either a rotary dial telephone, two devices on which you can enjoy the shooter. However, a company specializing in chips and artificial intelligence wanted to go one step further to demonstrate the capabilities of their creations.

Playing Doom within Doom itself is not a joke, it's entirely possible

Syntiant is a company known for manufacture processors focused on uses of AI and neural networks. Thus, it has collaborated with products such as Amazon Alexa, Ok Google or Apple’s Siri assistant. Among its many advantages is the ability to design chips with low power consumption which, in turn, have a outstanding performance. And, as part of these last two premises, they have used the NDP200 (one of its most popular chips) to demonstrate how it is capable of playing Doom by consuming barely a thousandth of a watt.

Doom can now be played on a chip thanks to AI

In the test video, shared by the portal techspotit can be seen how the AI ​​is capable of identify enemies and act accordingly. Thus, when it detects an object, it points in that direction and proceeds to shoot. As revealed in said medium, Syntiant admitted that artificial intelligence got better as i played more games. As an example, they cited that at first it was unable to reload the ammunition, a situation that changed with the passing of the hours of testing. In this way, they demonstrated the adaptability of the NDP200, a chip that learns as it receives different uses.

Regarding consumption, Syntiant revealed that it was barely consumed one thousandth of a watt to play Doom. In this way, the company demonstrated the energy efficiency of the chip and spoke of its virtues for save energy in daily consumption, in home security systems and even in automobiles. Thus, when the world was surprised to learn that the original Doom didn’t even need an operating system to workthis company has shown that an AI and a low consumption chip are enough to enjoy the id Software classic.

Playing Doom with a rotary dial phone seems awkward, but someone invented it and it works!

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