the new social MMORPG Pax Dei boasts with its first trailer

I’ve been in awe of how the MMO landscape is evolving for some time now. The offer has never been so varied, and little by little we are finding a scene full of diversity within the genre. Pax Dei It comes to satisfy those who, in online role-playing games, seek teamwork, and the truth is that it does not have not bad looking at all.

And it is that the years in which developers aspired to be WoW killersToday we have very different titles. The famous World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV and Lost Ark continue to reign with more traditional proposals, but on the horizon we have big names like DokéV and Throne & Liberty. Now, Pax Dei joins the most unique MMORPGs that we know

Set in a medieval world where magic, the supernatural and elements of mythology exist, Pax Dei brings us an open world that its creators describe as “true”. In this regard, they want the players themselves to create their own emergently stories.

One of the aspects that looks best is how the social will be oriented within the title. Players will be able create your own towns together with other inhabitants of these lands. By concentrating its operations and setting up its own shops, it will be something different from the NPC hubs we are used to.

Throne and Liberty, the successor to the legendary Lineage 2 and the most anticipated MMO of the year, confirms its launch in the West

Of course, milk lovers will not be excluded from this mixture either. He PvP and PvE content it will be present once you leave the urban areas, and you will have to overcome the dangers that many mythological beasts present challenges that can only be solved through combat.

Pax Dei has just launched its Steam page for you to keep track of. On the other hand, if you want to try it, on the official website of the MMO you can sign up for its alpha. Of course, this does not have a date yet, with what surely we have to arm ourselves with patience to direct us to his magical world.