The new NVIDIA drivers fix the latest bug in their graphics cards: you can download them here

It had been a few weeks since we had drivers NVIDIA Game Ready. You already know how it works, and it is that with the launch of an important game, the Californians get their batteries to update their graphics cards with a view to that new release. Game Ready 531.29 drivers arrive today, and they do so by targeting The Finals already fix bugs with the CPU.

The game from the ex-DICE from Embark Studio has us in love in the writing of 3DJuegosPC, but we know that there are also many of you dazzled by the shooter. And it is not for less, and it is that today he is one of the most interesting exponents of the genre.

Be that as it may, it’s time to talk about performance, and since we are talking about a beta, The Finals is not completely polished. Because of this, NVIDIA GPUs are optimized for gaming today, so we should expect a small performance uptick. In case you don’t notice, maybe we will see a greater stabilityand it is that the new controllers cannot do magic with an unfinished game either.

Aside from that, Atomic Heart, Mundfish’s Russian retro-futuristic fantasy, is getting an update today for game support. NVIDIA DLSS 3.0. The game in its current state makes use of DLSS, but with Game Ready drivers 531.29 it improves stability of a marvel with Unreal Engine 4 that will not give us much trouble if we want to make it work to the maximum.

This graphics card is worth more than many of our PCs and has somehow slipped into the most used in all of Steam

Finally, the rest of the fixes are minor and attack stability, but above all, the last known NVIDIA bug. A week ago we told you that the GeForce 531.18 drivers were causing a spike in CPU usage, so the error has already been fixed with these new drivers.