The new Mortal Kombat game is presented with a very powerful trailer and sets the release date of this reboot

Mortal Kombat is one of those video game sagas that, despite “suffering” over the years, experienced a very important moment in its history in which it made the decision to reinvent yourself to survive. And she did great! Since 2011, the saga has not stopped growing in epic, blood and guts, and now it has finally announced its new mortal kombatone that restart the saga and that already has release date.

We had been with long teeth for 2 weeks, and it is that ed boonco-creator of the saga, he threw the first stone of this new game on May 10, and hit the target of those who were looking forward to news from NetherRealm Studios. Since then, rumors, speculations and more have spread through social networks, and now the new game finally has a name: Mortal Kombat 1.

In the end, after those “little pills” that Boon left on Twitter and that hinted that the saga would restart, with that jump from 11 to 1 that we could see at that teaserIt’s finally real. Of course, we will not have to wait long either, and the game will arrive next September 19th, a very powerful month with Starfield on the starting grid. In addition, it will have a beta in august which dodges PC and will only be released on consoles. A pity.

What do we know about the game beyond this reboot? Little or nothing. I guess the details will be trickling out over the next few days. What has been confirmed is that we will have a new combat system, created specifically for this installment, game modes and a good list of Fatalities. Because we have all come here to break heads.

The Bookings of the game will come to light tomorrow, May 19, at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). Although the price is not yet known, we do know the reservation bonus: Shang Tsung as playable character.

Street Fighter 6 is coming down, and it has beta

The next stop on this train hype of fighting games is Street Fighter 6 on June 2. Capcom’s bet points to the sky, and it’s not for less because according to what fellow Iván Lerner was able to prove, the Japanese have broadened the horizons of the genre more than 30 years after their first game. Not only that, but Street Fighter 6 is out this weekend, from May 19 to 21celebrating with a open beta for everyonewith crossplay including.

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