The new ex-Halo game is green, but it has space vikings and it looks like Killzone, that’s enough for us

The exit of big names in relevant studies is something so common that it should not alarm us, at least not always. Rarely is the time in which a creative is forever attached to his “baby”, no matter how many fruits he bears. Activision, Bungie and 343 Industries have been protagonists of these departures, sometimes exoduses, and now those ex-members of Call of Duty and Halo have presented Sentinel, a shooter of “space vikings” with Unreal Engine 5.

The project, at least today, is green, but we are facing an alpha with a lot of work ahead. Pathless Productions, the team that brings together these former Call of Duty and Battlefield developers, has set out to build something they call “Social Sandbox” with a lot of interaction between players and FPS mechanics on an alien planet.

This self-financed project and developed with the latest engine from Epic Games”it has about 4 months of development”, according to Kaleb Nekumanesh, a developer on the project. Although there are still lots of detailswhat we do know is that Pathless Productions does not want to launch an open worldso we would be talking about somewhat wide sections with a central HUB, limiting the playing field.

Likewise, we also do not know platform or possible release date. But why have they announced it so soon? Easy: advertising. Being a self-financed project with no publisher that we know of, the team will want to be talked about as much as possible as well as maintain a direct relationship with the player by showing him what he looks like year after year. So, it’s time to wait.

What do we know about Call of Duty 2023?

There is a lot of doubt about what awaits us with Call of Duty this year. Last 2022, with the launch of Modern Warfare 2, it was ensured that the content of this 2023 would be a big enough expansion to charge for it. According to leaks, it would be released on November 10, 2023 and would have several betas during the month of October, but none of this has been confirmed.

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