The most memetic Final Fantasy abandons exclusivity with Epic Games and announces its release date on Steam at a discount

When Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was announced, many of us were left with raised eyebrows. It was a strange bet, very far from what you would expect from Final Fantasy that was not entirely well received. Over time, love has been earned from the public, and today he has two important announcements to make.

And it is that, until now, the game had been restricted to a single platform on computers: the Epic Games Store. Square Enix has announced that its collaboration with Team Ninja will leave that store to reach Steam, and it will also lowering its price Permanently.

Square Enix’s announcement is very clear: Stranger of Paradise will abandon its exclusive deal with the Epic store to also go to Valve’s next 6 of April. By bringing all of its editions and content there, Epic Games loses another PC exclusive, and fans of the company are already theorizing about it. what could be next.

Of course, this announcement has two parts, and that is that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will lower the price of all its editions in both stores and on all platforms. We still do not know the new price in our territory, but in Japan the base edition of the game will cost around 40 euro.

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This leaves the Epic store with just one more exclusive from the legendary Japanese developer: Kingdom Hearts. Will the adventure of Sora, Donald and Goofy continue to be exclusive to Epic Games or are we already facing a deal with an expiration date? It seems that we will have to wait for the answer.

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