The latest Steam update has created an absurd butterfly effect that has filled CS:GO with noscopes

Valve has once again shown why they are the best in their field, that of the PC gaming platform, even if that means some delay in design updates. Newell’s have updated Steam by removing major issues that have plagued it for years, something that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have used to fill your games with noscopes.

Sounds kind of weird, right? How can the update of overlay or Steam game interface generate a response in CS:GO? The truth is that the players are very ingenious. By pressing the Shift-Tab key combination, classic within Steam, we can open the new overlayone that lets us even place overlapping notes on top of our games, and therein lies the key.

As reported by The Gamer, players have used an addition that, as a base, was used to help in puzzle games or jot down ideas, to place a marker in the middle of the screen and thus get a better look to make. noscopes. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Reddit has been filled with players who have been encouraged to use this feature as a improved sightconfiguring the 50% opacity and allowing them to use the sniper with a crosshair, since in the Valve game they don’t have if you don’t use the telescopic sight.

Almost like the butterfly effect, what Valve has done with its software has seen a reflection in the shooteralthough the crosshair they are nothing new for the players, and even the monitors themselves. Many panels these days include default features to get a configurable crosshair and enhance what the game offers. However, whether these users don’t know it, don’t have such monitors, or just want to tinker, CS:GO is full of noscopes Thanks to the Steam update. What things.

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For their part, there are players who assume that Valve will change this function to avoid these overlapping crosshairs, but as we have already told you, they are nothing that the gaming of PC, even the most competitive, have not seen and, in the case of monitors, are beyond Valve’s control. Be that as it may, it does not stop being extremely curious.

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