The Korean police investigate the “hitazo” of Steam, Dark and Darker, for a case of theft and unfair competition

Dark and Darker will be remembered as the ultimate phenomenon indie of 2022. Although the roguelike still has a lot to say, it stood out greatly and few, if any, expected success. Even so, this has not prevented gossip from speaking around it, and if 2 weeks ago we were talking about a possible theft of information and code, today we know that the South Korean police have inspected Ironmace’s office looking for evidence.

We are talking about an escalation in notable actions, and that is that Nexon, the South Korean studio from which several Ironmace developers started to make Dark and Darker, only threatened to legal actions. However, the NME media collects from the Korean portal Yonhap News, that an investigation team from the South Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency has searched the office in a case of theft and illegitimate use of intellectual property.

Although Ironmace sought to keep these actions quiet and go to court if necessary, we did not expect this action from the other development studio. Although it has not transpired no official statement by either of the two studios, it was a member of the Ironmace team who shared the process on Discord this morning.

yes, apparently Nothing found and the process has been “routine” and fast. Even so, it seems that Nexon is going for everything beyond the lawsuit based on the Law for the Prevention of Unfair Competition, a process that has been open for 7 months.

Dark and Darker sweeps Steam, but also on Twitch, with excellent figures during its free trial

Regarding the development of the game, Ironmace does not want chaos to spread among the community and they have commented that everything is going as expected. In fact, today we know that they are not only pleased with the success of the game, but that long-term improvements have been confirmed for the project.