The Huntsman Mini is one of the best gaming keyboards 60%, and now it is reduced to just over 70 euros on the day without VAT from MediaMarkt

The world of keyboards, whether gaming or not, goes a long way. There is a whole community behind this peripheral, of which there are all kinds of formats and models. And of course, when it comes to playing it is one of those peripherals in which we must pay special attention when choosing one or the other if we want to get a good gaming experience over the yearsespecially if we are competitive players.

Razer Huntsman Mini (Purple Switch) Keyboard, US Layout, Black

Razer Huntsman Mini (Purple Switch) Keyboard, US Layout, Black

To play, one of the most interesting alternatives goes through the so-called 60% keyboards. Much smaller models than their full versions and that are ideal for playing. Among them, the Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the most loved by the community, and now we can get hold of it on sale for only 74.36 euros at MediaMarkt on the occasion of the day without VAT. Without a doubt, an excellent opportunity for those who want to make the leap to this class of keyboards.

Razer 02

As we say, we are talking about the Razer Huntsman Mini, which, unlike the Huntsman Tournament Ed. (in TKL version), minimizes the number of keys to the maximum and adopts a 60% format. Therefore, it is ideal for small setups or if we need a lot of space for the mouse. Although this does not mean that we lose keys, no: by means of combinations with Fn we can access any key that we would have at our fingertips in a complete model.

This Huntsman Mini is mechanical, with Razer’s own purple switches that closely resemble the Chery MX Blue. This is: tactile feel, clicky sound and good feedback on each press. Of course, it is backlit with customizable RGB through Razer software. And it is connected via a USB type C cable that we can remove to comfortably transport the keyboard between setups or to store it.