The ex-DICE are cooking something with The Finals that they have no right to paint so well (and you can already sign up for their beta)

Embark is a Swedish studio made up mostly of DICE veterans. It may not sound like much to you if you’re not too up to date with the world, but you should know that as you read these lines, they are working on some of the most promising games that have been announced in recent times: among them, ARC Raiders and (the one that concerns us now) The Finals. Its managers have released a new trailer of this one, which you can see just above.

The video in question is intended to promote the closed beta of the game, to which you can sign up for a few months: you have it as easy as going to the The Finals tab on Steam with your user account and looking for the “request access” button to the testing phase. There’s no guarantee they’ll give you access, but if they do, then they’ll notify you by email that you’ve been selected so you can get in when the doors open next 7 of March.

The Finals (Embark Studios)

The Finals is a digital show in which various teams compete against each other for control of certain golden boxes. The participants design their own fighting styles and strategies to move the pack of yore around the map and be able to score, although it has the particularity that practically everything you see around you is destructible. In other words, you have a free hand to tear down an entire building if you think that will help you get the prize.

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I think The Finals has earned the bragging rights of having some of the best edited trailers and most full of adrenaline we’ve seen in quite some time, and the few comments circulating on the internet from people who claim to have tested the closed alpha are promising to say the least. It’s a good idea to follow the project closely, and even if you don’t get a pass to beta test next month, it’s still not a catastrophe because will be released as free to play.