The controversy of plagiarism to Elden Ring splashes Epic Games, and the company is forced to comment on it

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, Bleak Faith: Forsaken may ring a bell for you. The soulslike with an impressive art style created by a group of 3 developers has been making waves in recent days, but not for its artistic prowess. The accusations of plagiarism against Elden Ring are serious, and have splashed to the very Epic Games.

And it is that one of the justifications that Archangel Studios has given has been to directly allude to the fact that they bought an animation package in the Epic Marketplace. Claiming that they were going to verify legitimacy of the package with Epic Games, they also said that they would endeavor to make the necessary modifications regardless of the legality of the matter.

The video game giant’s response it has not been made to wait, but it has not been the forceful statement that the indie studio perhaps expected. In a new Steam post, the creators of Bleak Faith: Forsaken have shared that the company is unable to verify the copyright of the animation packs used.

“In accordance with our store’s distribution agreement, each seller assures Epic that they have the appropriate rights to upload their content there. As with any store that hosts third-party content, Epic is not in a position to independently verify such rights, thus Epic does not give any guarantee to buyers of these products,” the company said.

I really wanted to try this soulslike, but harsh accusations of plagiarism and theft have taken it away from me

With this in mind, the team of 3 indie developers have decided that this is not an acceptable situation, and have committed to replace all animations of dubious legality for the next few days. We don’t have an estimated date for these patches yet, but it will be a lot of work. Lastly, Archangel Studios says that this has been quite a lesson for them, and that these content packs, in their opinion, cannot be purchased safely.