The best war game ever made, which is not little, today it costs less than 4 euros, and it is as heartbreaking as reality

War is one of the most used settings in video game history. Telling the stories of great heroes who fight for peace against enemies, we tend to see war from the point of view of empowerment, and not as the human tragedy that it is. This War of Mine changed all that. Is one of the best video games everand today you can have it at a ridiculous price thanks to this offer.

If you don’t know This War of Mine, its premise will surprise you. Far from being incredible soldiers capable of ending the enemy threat, this management title puts you at the feet of one of the people affected by the war. having to take hard decisionsyou will have to survive in terrible conditions, although you must be careful to don’t lose your humanity by the way.

Here you will not find gunshots and shovel action, but a group of real people who need food and medicine while they are besieged by the dangers of war. Is a different angle (and very difficult, both mechanically and personally) from which to face the war.

If this has caught your attention, today’s offer leaves it to you at a practically irresistible price. You can get This War of Mine for only 3.79 euros. In addition, the complete edition of the title, with its DLC and season pass, has an 86% discount and it stays at only 4.49 eurosin case you want more content.

For 4 euros you have the Star Wars game that showed EA that it was very wrong about its future, and it is one of the best in the saga

This offer will only be available for a limited time, and that is that the publisher and developer 11 bit studios is currently lowering its games. Have until March 16 to get hold of one of the best independent games in history and experience something so usual within the video game in a very different way.