the 20th anniversary of the saga brings back Sora, Goofy and Donald

Kingdom Hearts has not only become one of the most confusing sagas to understand and follow in the video game world, but also one of the most loved licenses of this entertainment medium. The origin of the always curious collaboration between Square Enix and Walt Disney dates back to 2002, when Tetsuya Nomuraafter passing through Final Fantasy, released for the first PlayStation Kingdom Hearts.

Much has happened since then, nothing less than 20 years and 17 games, with more than 12 million copies around the world and a legion of fans waiting for the next step of the Japanese company. This step was taken today, at the event Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversarywhen we have been able to see in motion and with a completely spectacular appearance, the first bars of what will be this Kingdom Hearts IV.

The hopes of seeing this fourth installment faded as the seconds progressed and we saw this curious, as well as beautiful, Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, the bet of the Japanese for mobile devices which will make its premiere this August. However, the final third was for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 4 and its surprising visual section left no room for doubt.

An expected announcement, although with many doubts, and that internet has broken to this part of the globe and that it will continue to do so throughout the day as light comes on the American continent. Although the first images of this fourth installment they will give of what to talk for days, Square Enix has been grim reaper in words when announcing an approximate release window or platforms.

Kingdom Hearts 4

All the games in the Kingdom Hearts saga ordered from worst to best

Considering that the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 it took place at E3 in 2013 and its release came 6 years later for consoles, and 8 for its release on PC, it is to be hoped that they still remain a few years for the arrival of this Kingdom Hearts 4. At the moment, we can only wait for new advances by the Japanese throughout this 2022, although the announcement on this 20th anniversary suggests that it is very likely that let’s not see it in the rest of important events of the year.