Temtem already has the favorite game mode of Pokémon fans

Temtem, the “MMO Pokémon”, has long been considered finished; but that does not mean that the content updates keep flowing In fact, Crema has just published its third season and patch 1.3, which brings with it one of the most interesting features that was mentioned in its Kickstarter campaign back in 2018: the nuzlocke (among other equally challenging options).

In case you weren’t very into the subject, the Nuzlocke is a difficulty mode optional coined among Pokémon players, which consists of self-imposing a series of limitations that make the game more challenging and rewarding. The latter consist of, for example, reducing the number of creatures that one can capture or releasing them when they fall weakened; and they are so popular that they appear in practically all the projects governed by fans related to the saga.

In the specific case of Temtem, its managers house the Nuzlocke within a group of three “challenge modes” being the other two remaining the Randomlocke (like the previous one, but all the monsters that appear are random) and the speed run, which needs no introduction at this point. As an incentive, it is possible to complete some of these challenges in cooperative; and all of them give you certain rewards for your account.

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While that’s the biggest new thing in Update 1.3, it’s really not the only one; and if you’re interested in learning about the balance adjustments that have been implemented in this patch, you’d do well to read the accompanying post notes on the Temtem tab. There is also a new area to explore and new NPCs to meet (as well as cosmetic items to collect in the game). season pass) so it is a good time to return to the archipelago if you have been disconnected for a long time.