Survivor has accustomed us to bad ports? Because it has hit (and continues to hit) on Steam

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the talk of everyone these days, especially for those who have a PC. The power of the “Star Wars” brand is impressive, but the anticipation generated by this sequel from Respawn Entertainment shouldn’t be put aside. As a result of these, and apart from all the performance problems it has had and still has, Jedi: Survivor It has been a success on Steam.

Seems like the opposite, right? We are talking about a reviled port in RRSS that has finally considerably surpassed its first installment. On the one hand, it was not very difficult since, in that 2019, Jedi: Fallen Order was nothing more than a newly created IP from a somewhat hidden studio that had only made shooter like Apex Legends or Titanfall.

Even with everything, and putting the cards on the table, the game has achieved a spectacular peak of 67,855 players on Valve’s platform, well above the peak of close to 50,000 that its first installment has achieved in the 4 years that separate it from its premiere. A spectacular number that right now has dropped, but remains at a not inconsiderable 29,450 players, more than half that of Fallen Order.

Also, we are only talking about Steam, and that the game has seen a release on Epic Games, EA App and, of course, consoles. In fact, if we compare it with other ports that have given rise to talk on PC like The Last of Us Part 1, despite coming from the hype of the series, Naughty Dog’s magnum opus failed to climb past 36,496 players on Steam.

The expectation for the game has also spread twitch with a peak last Friday of more than 100,000 viewers. Of course, the Amazon platform has also seen how the game has deflated in interest losing about 50% of usersalthough they are still extremely respectable numbers.

The community is working on fixing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but has hit an insurmountable obstacle

However, we cannot ignore what the product we have is like. Respawn Entertainment has already issued a statement announcing that they are working on subsequent release patches to improve performance, only half of the players have rated the game positively on Steam.

In fact, the issues are such that it is difficult to get the game running above 60 FPS even on the most sophisticated GPUs. A problemón that has marred a long-awaited release and adds Jedi: Survivor to the list of 2023 PC ports with major issues.

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