Survivor free thanks to these AMD processors

The promotions of taking you a free video game with the purchase of a piece of hardware are nothing new, especially not for AMD. If less than a month ago the company already gave us one of the most anticipated strategy games of the year, now the next Respawn title, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can be yours if you improve your cpu.

The Ryzen 5000s are still giving away Company of Heroes 3, Relic’s World War II strategy game, but now the new Ryzen 7000s are signing up for these types of offers. As announced by AMD, all Zen 4 processors will bring as a gift the new from Electronic Arts set in George Lucas universe.

The new promotion of the red team includes all the Ryzen 7000 released so far: from the cheapest Ryzen 7600 up to the top of the range that is the Ryzen 7950X. No matter which one you buy, you will have your gift set. But where can you take advantage of this offer?

Partnering with a lot of stores throughout the world, in our territory you will be able to have your Star Wars Jedi: Survivor free Thanks to two vendors: PcComponentes and CoolMod. Both stores are offering Cal Kestis game codes with the purchase of either of these processors. Of course, you will have to hurry.

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The promotion is now available and will last until the 1st of April. Also, the code you’re given to redeem the game will expire on May 6, though I doubt you’ll let the process sit for more than a month. Each one of the stores has its process to carry out this exchange. Follow his instructions!