Steam rescues the only Stadia exclusive that survives his death, and if you like terror, I recommend it from the bottom of my heart

Stadia has closed. We are not talking about something that is new to anyone, at least not if you follow the latest news from the world of technology and video games, but goodbye to the platform will undoubtedly go down in history. We don’t know if it’s from history or Google’s history, but it’s a project that will always be kept in mind. With his death, many exclusive games have disappeared, except one, Spanish and horror that survives his death: GYLT.

Unlike other exclusives, this Tequila Works project, as one of the most interesting exclusives of the defunct gaming platform, did not need any of its benefits to exist. Neither the cloud nor Google’s servers nor even the game concept depended on Menlo Park’s, so its launch on Steam will give a new life to this release.

As for the game itself, the project by Rime’s parents or the next League of Legends game, Song of Nunu, offers us an adventure of terror, puzzles and stealth with the bullying as protagonist. In fact, as the only Stadia game I’ve tried, it’s hard not to recommend not only because of its theme, but because of its similarities with Little Nightmares.

The adventure of Sally, the main girl, is dark and twisted. She will take us through environments as “peaceful” as her school or the city of Bethelwood itself where we will be constantly persecuted by nightmare creatures arisen from the girl’s mind based on her fears.

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That contrast Between the affability of the typical American people and a school-age girl, with the theme it deals with (the disappearance of her cousin Emily after being persecuted by a group of bullies) and the presence of these entities, give the game a unique touch. A national development that, really, you must not miss.

What about Stadia games?

At the moment, and if we look at its official page on the Valve platform, GYLT does not have a release date, but it is the first, and for the moment the second exclusive that will have a new life after the closure. Although Hello Engineer announced its release to Steam before Stadia shut down, PixelJunk Raiders and Outcasters they have disappeared forever.

Image by Oscar Cuesta

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