Steam parents are embroiled in a new legal mess

When a company the size of Valve is sued for patent infringement, that’s usually a reason to take it seriously. Companies are very suspicious when it comes to protecting their rights, and in the case of Immersion Corporation, It is one that dares even with the greatest. Today she is the parents of Steam.

Created in 1993, in its first years this company was dedicated to the development of technology that would be applied later in touch screens, in addition to registering a large number of patents related to the field. Since then, he has had run-ins with a lot of the big ones, like Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Facebook.

Alleging that Valve has infringed 7 of its patents, the company is not only looking to stop the technology giant, but to charge a reasonable amount according to the seriousness of the matter. “While we’re glad to see Valve recognize the value of haptic technology […] it is important to us protect our business against infringements of our intellectual property,” says Eric Singer, CEO of Immersion Corporation.

Although it is true that the company has made many complaints in recent years (reaching more than 6000), and that it might seem that they are “hunting lawsuits”, they have won lawsuits against Microsoft and Sony in the past, to such an extent that the of Redmond offered buy 10% of the company to avoid facing each other in court. Sony, on the other hand, went up against them and lost.

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At the moment, Valve has not made any statement about the lawsuit. This seems to be oriented towards the Steam Deck and the Index, since the CEO of the company spoke in his statements about portable video game systems and the virtual reality technologies and augmented reality. The outcome of this clash is unpredictable.

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