So you can play Battlefield 2042 for free on Steam, and don’t worry, it looks nothing like when it came out

Battlefield 2042, the latest entry in the DICE war saga, has been considerably improving its status in RRSS. While the game launched with a wave of controversy surrounding some unsatisfactory work, the situation today is much better, with classes back in the game, more maps and settings modified based on the wishes of the community. Therefore, now Electronic Arts gives us a gift: 3 days of free access to Battlefield 2042.

Although the game is available on PC Game Pass via EA Play and has recently released access on PS Plus, the game it’s not free to play, although its content. Therefore, if you are not yet determined to try it, Valve gives you the opportunity until March 16 to play it completely free and keep progress Got it in case you want to get hold of it.

Not only that, but by having to have an EA Account, all progress can be kept regardless of platform. This translates to yes, there is cross save in Battlefield 2042 as long as we use the same EA account if you play it, for example, via Game Pass.

As far as what we have access to, there is a lot, a lot. So much so that we may need more than 3 days. The game is enjoying its Season 4 today under the name Last Hour, so we have new maps, specialists, weapons and vehicles. The new scenario takes us to South Africa with a special map for close range combat; all this is perfect for the new specialist, Camila Blasco, an expert in ambushes.

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As for the future of the saga, things are not as diffuse as they seemed several months ago. The next game in the franchise will be led by DICE in its multiplayer aspect, but the Swedes will step aside and let Ridgeline Games handle the development of the campaign.