Shinji Mikami leaves his last studio after 12 years at the helm

shinji mikami He has made a name for himself through many things, but his time at Tango Gameworks is, to say the least, remarkable. The good guess of the dilogy of The Evil Within supports it. However, everything comes to an end, and it is that the Japanese leaves the study which he created over 12 years ago.

One of those notorious losses that make us wonder, especially considering that Mikami’s future is unclear, at least not to us. Although the Japanese moved to Tango Gameworks after leaving Capcom, Platinum Games and AEhis hand in the Resident Evil saga placed him in a hall of fame of the very important video game.

Today we know, from the mouth of Todd Vaughn, vice president of Bethesda, that the 57-year-old designer will leave the ZeniMax Media-owned company in the coming months. A decision that has not been made cold, but that leaves us with a bigger problem: we will not see a new The Evil Within signed by the japanese

Although he carried out the first installment, he was only part of the production of the sequel, but in 2020 he announced that, apart from his upcoming retirement, he referred to a possible third game as “it would be my last big project as a director”. Of course, Mikami has not confirmed that this goodbye means his retirement, although it has been 2 years since he announced that the end of his career was close to him.

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There are voices calling for a return of the designer to Capcom and Resident Evil to close the circle of his 33 years in the industry of the video game with a new and latest project in the saga. Be that as it may, what we do know is that Tango Gameworks is in good hands under the umbrella of Bethesda and with good sense of works like Hi-Fi Rush, of which Mikami served as executive producer.