science fiction dominates, but a soulslike comes to be respected

After the weekend break, we welcome a new Monday. As usual, each week brings many new releases to the PC scene. Unfortunately, our time is very limited, so today I am going to tell you which are the titles that are most worth being on your radar. These are this week’s featured video game releases.

Scars Above

Scars Above Image

  • Genders): third person shooter, adventure
  • Release date: February 28th
  • Available in:Steam

Clearly influenced by Returnal, the Mad Head Games title takes you to a unknown planet in which you will have to face all kinds of deadly threats. Far from using roguelike formulas, we are facing one more title focused on your storyfighting and set pieces that will give you a more narrative experience, but without neglecting its impressive fights against enemies and bosses.

Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade Image

  • Genders): hybrid strategy (turn-based and real-time)
  • Release date: February 28th
  • Available in:Steam

During Steam Next Fest, we already talked about how we loved Phantom Brigade, and that is that has everything to succeed. Their combats are tense and will force us to think about how to succeed when everything is against us. If you like strategy video games, you can’t miss this one.

Destiny 2: Eclipse

Destiny 2 Image

  • Genders): first person shooter looter
  • Release date: February 28th
  • Available in: Steam and Epic Games

Destiny 2 continues to go strong, and its long-awaited new expansion brings us a season of content and substance. The city of Neomuna is presented as the scene of the new campaign of the Bungie title, and if you’re a fan, you can’t let this new story pass you by.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Team Ninja Image

  • Genders): action RPG, soul-like
  • Release date: March 3rd
  • Available in: Steam and Game Pass

The powerful new soulslike from Team Ninja, creators of Nioh, is almost here, presenting us with an evolution of the formula that the Japanese team has been refining over the years. Frantic, hard to crack and complexWo Long may be what you are looking for if you want to quench your thirst for action RPGs.