Resident Evil 4 Remake hid one last secret, and it is something so useful that I would have liked to know it before

That Capcom is at a very strong point in its career is not disputed by anyone, especially after the bombshell that has turned out to be Resident Evil 4 Remake. Leon’s return to Spain has become in all a success, and horror lovers have had a great time unearthing its secrets. Now, when we thought we had it super studied, it turns out that he had one more ace up his sleeve, and it has left me quite confused.

Despite being a horror game, there is also room for nonsense in Resident Evil 4, and the costumes you unlock after finishing the story prove it, but rotating them is a bit complicated. Having to go out to the menu constantly, I wish there was a way to do it from the pause from the game itself, right? Well, you can imagine where the shots go.

In Resident Evil 2 Remake, you could use a menu to change clothes, but its successor seems to have “forgotten” about it. Well no! A modder named Aaronlink127 has figured out a way to bring back those options that Capcom itself removed from the game, something it seems to have done very late in its development cycle.

And it is that far from being a menu in which you change your clothes and that’s it, both Leon and Ashley comment, with lines explicitly saved for these changes wardrobe, the costumes that each of the characters wears. This shows that the survival horror was not only going to have this base feature, but that it was canceled shortly before the title came out, perhaps due to some error or inconvenience.

This will be Exoprimal when it comes out: more modes and content, a lot of history and collaborations with other Capcom games

If you want to restore this lost function, the first thing you have to do is be aware of the latter. The mod can bring problems, although that It’s nothing a reinstall won’t fix.. If you want to try it, you just have to go to the Modding Haven Discord server and go to the official publication of the mod.

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