Redfall is so confused he bans himself on Twitter

We are just a few hours away from enjoying one of the most important Xbox ecosystem exclusives of the year: Redfall. This looter shooter by Arkane Studios opens as the second exclusive of those from Redmond, so the Americans have put their batteries to ban and attack everything and everyone who uploads something from the game before. Even themselves in a fire curious friend.

The vampire multiplayer has given us something to talk about these first months of the year, but with its launch scheduled for this morning, there are some who do not want to wait because they already have long teeth, never better said. Someone pushed the button early and some users are already playing Redfall, so the wave of bans and strikes through the nets it’s constant.

There are players who have tempted their luck by uploading game content to YouTube or Twitch, to which “robot policemen” of Bethesda have persecuted. However, and most curious of all, is that the images of the game have also seen a wave of bans and withdrawals, including the game’s own banner on Twitter.

An extremely funny affair of friendly fire where the bots they have pulled down that image and for a few minutes Redfall’s official account on the bluebird’s social network has been without a header. At this time of the afternoon the situation has returned to normal, but with a launch like this, it is better to err on the side of caution.

What time is Redfall released?

As we have mentioned, the looter shooter It has not been launched on the other side of the globe, and it has not been launched on the other side of the globe either. Spain. As Arkane herself shared, the game in our territory will be launched at 2:00 hours (Spanish peninsular time) tomorrow, day may 2.

Redfall reveals its complete requirements to play on PC, and its graphics for recommended and ultra concerns

An even pitch around the world where no player is expected to sink his teeth before another, especially considering the strong cooperative component. Of course, this cooperation has caused important problems and that is that the game, to this day, continues to require a stable internet connection even if you play alone.

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