Redfall becomes another triple-A “Mostly Negative on Steam.” What are players saying about the new Arkane?

April is being a month of setbacks for the most powerful part of the video game industry. Redfall is out today Arkane’s cooperative shooter. Being able to be a new frontier to explore for the study, its reception is not being good at all, and, especially on PC, the reviews of this new Microsoft exclusive show a big problem.

In 3DJuegos we have already played it, and my colleague Mario Gómez has highlighted that the concept and the base are solid, but the development and performance of Redfall leave a lot to be desired. Now, in addition to the criticism, users are starting to talk, and Steam has been filled harsh reviews.

The Redfall Steam page currently flags only 29% positive reviews, leaving us with the first hundreds of comments that the title has received are anything but good. Although it is true that lately we are used to complaints about performance, unfortunately that is not the only thing for which this title is attacked.

“The game is bad for me even in 1080p with a 2080 Super, 32 GB of RAM and a 9900K“, “It has the same or worse graphics than previous generation games”, “Nice environments but nothing interesting to do or rewarding experiences”, “Boring, bland and empty“. These are some of the harsh comments from the Valve community.

Redfall analysis.  Such good vampires don't deserve a game like this

But not all are complaints, because there are those who are happy with the result. Quoting that the gameplay is goodthat the mixture between Far Cry and vampires is fun and that the atmosphere of the title is one of its greatest attractions. Will Arkane be able to redirect the trajectory of her new premiere? Something tells me weeks of patches are coming.

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