Reddit has gone down and suffered a “global blackout” for several hours

Reddit it has become an intrinsic part of the Internet. You can’t separate the largest social bookmarking website and news aggregator in the world. Almost all of us use it, be it for gaming or other kinds of chores. Of course, during the afternoon today it has been impossible to enter because Reddit has fallen worldwide.

If you have tried to access at any time in the last few hours, or maybe right now, you will realize that if you manage to load any of the sites embedded there, it appears blank, without characters, images, video… Nothing. It turns out that, as PCGamer has commented, the website has suffered a “total blackout” in browsers.

As for mobile devices, that is, all those who have access to Reddit via the app, the blackout is partial, being able to use certain functions, but with many others disabled until further notice. Downdetector has collected nothing less than 60,000 users reporting a problem, and the Reddit Status Twitter has echoed the problem at 20:18 hours.

The issue in question affects everyone and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do to prevent it. As for the reasons, we have no information about it. As highlighted by the Macrumors portal, some users are receiving error messages that mention “our CDN could not reach our servers”, so the problem in question would be affecting the file transfer necessary for HTML to load content on websites.

On Reddit they have decided to go to war against AI, DALL E 2 and the like, and they don't seem to be the only ones in this crusade.

We’ll keep an eye on any developments, but since 2022 we haven’t seen a bug like this on Reddit. What we do know is that it is trying to be solved, so we will only have to be at the wait that appropriate adjustments are made.